CBD CBD,Healthy Living,Make Money Online How Much CBD Oil Should I Take – For Beginners

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take – For Beginners

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Do not be fooled by companies showing the % of CBD in a product. The higher the % often means less actual CBD per bottle especially when the bottle is larger. Its a bit of a marketing gimmick making the buyer assume they're getting a higher quality. NOT THE REALITY!

One full serving of HempWorx is considered 20 drops.
(rarely does anyone need to start out with a full serving )

The 500 bottle contains .5 MG per drop x20 drops
=10 mg per serving

The 750 bottle contains .75 MG per drop x 20 drops
=15 mg per serving

There are 1000 drops per bottle in both the 500 and the 750.

Original Source: CBD Woman:
Published Nov. 2017

Why choose HempWorx ™ :

▪Our oil is Full spectrum (using all 60 naturally occurring components of the plant- CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG)
▪Uses Co2 extraction method
(no heat process breaking down the nutrition)
▪Legally ships to 50 states in the US.
▪Absolutely no use of fillers or solvents
▪Organic and Non-GMO
▪Third party tested + FDA Compliant
▪Certificate of Analysis Provided
▪Hemp farms are USA grown in Kentucky
▪Has tinctures, topicals and is rapidly expanding into other products and markets.
▪Has an affiliate program to capitalize on the growth of the industry.
▪Has a proven track record of testimonials and reviews.
▪Has a 30-day empty bottle, money back guarantee.




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